6 Ways to Build Chest Muscle at Home Quickly and Effectively

6 Ways to Build Chest Muscle at Home Quickly and Effectively – Having chest and thick field muscles, a sixpack stomach and big muscular arms are the ideal body standard that men should have. In addition, having a strong athletic body is basically also a pride for a man. Therefore besides exercising the abdominal muscles and arms, we also have to train the chest muscles so that we have an athletic body that becomes the dream of all men.

Nowadays there are many scattered fitness places such as GYM and training center to support and facilitate someone in forming a thick chest muscle that becomes dream. In addition to forming the chest muscles with fitness in the gym or training center, you can also form the chest muscles at home with great ease. How to form a chest muscle at home is not much different from the way that done in the gym. The key to success in shaping a large muscular chest is to exercise consistently and be balanced with a special diet for fitness. The importance of fitness diet is also very instrumental to help shape the chest muscles.

How to form a chest muscle at home can easily do the weeding equipment, or we can use objects around us such as tables, chairs and so forth to help successfully train our chest muscles. An appropriate training program for training and forming chest muscles is an exercise that focuses the load on the upper muscles (more precisely the chest and shoulders). By doing the appropriate exercises then not only form the chest muscles, but indirectly you can also form shoulder muscles to look flat and prominent.

“In addition to consistent exercise you also need to pay attention to your diet and rest, as well as the selection of the right companion supplement”


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6 Ways to Build Chest Muscle at Home Quickly and Effectively

In this article we will discuss about how to train the chest muscles at home to look thicker, more muscular, and more contained quickly and effectively. But keep in mind that the exercise program will provide a load that focuses on the upper muscles of the body. Therefore besides exercises that are run consistently, the body also needs to be given the intake of nutrients so that the chest muscles can form quickly without having to reduce the level of our health.

As I mentioned earlier. By training the chest muscles indirectly will also train the muscles of the arms, shoulder muscles and muscles at the same time. This is the special advantage you will get when you are doing the right chest muscle trajectory. As for some ways to form a chest muscle in the home that you can apply as a routine exercise program is as follows:

1. Train Chest Muscles With Chair Dips

Chair dips is an exercise to form the first and most simple chest muscles you can do. How to form a chest muscle in the house this one also has advantages because it will simultaneously form muscle triceps and shoulder muscles.

To form a chest muscle with chair dips you need a chair. How to do chair dips are as follows:

  • Put your hands as wide as shoulders on a chair.
  • Gently lift your body with your hands.
  • Bend your knees toward the back and lower yourself slowly.
  • Repeat 15 times and do as many as 4 sets.

2. Building Chest Muscle With Plyometric Push Up

cara melakukan polymetric push up untuk membentuk otot dadaPlyometric push ups basically have almost the same movement as push ups in general. But what distinguishes both types of exercise is plyometric push ups adding a jump boost by using the hand on each push-up movement.

How to form a chest muscle in the house this one is very effective to form a muscular chest. Besides, simultaneously we will also train the muscles of our arms because the weight of the body also rests on the arm when performing a jumping drive with the arm. How to do a push up plyometric is:

  • Position the body like push ups usually.
  • Push your body up with both hands.
  • At the time of the body above, add movement pushing the body as it will jump by hand.

3.Exercise for Building Chest Muscles With Rotation Push Up

Rotation push ups also have the same basic movements as push ups. What distinguishes the rotation push ups with push ups is generally moving the hands up and down alternately right and left. How to form a chest at home this one is also a quick way you can do. The rotation push up movement is as follows:

  • Position the body like push ups.
  • Use the prefix from the top with both hands straight.
  • Alternately bend the right hand and left while the other hand hold the weight of the body.
  • Do as many as 3 sets of 10 times on a regular basis.

4. How To Build Chest Muscles At Home With Pull Up

Train chest muscles at home with pull ups does sound easy to do. But actually pull ups have a level of difficulty that is far above than the previous exercise. This is because the body burden will really rest on the upper muscles only, namely the chest muscles, arm muscles, back muscles, and shoulder muscles. Pull up itself is an exercise that requires a crossbar as its medium. How to do the right pull ups are:

  • Position the body under the crossbar.
  • Handle the crossbar above your body.
  • Gently lift your body to the shoulders parallel to the crossbar.
  • Hold for a few moments then lower the body slowly.
  • Repeat 3 sets of 20 times on a regular basis.

5. Exercises Building Chest Muscles at Home With Flat Bench Press

How to form the chest muscle in the next home is a flat bench press. which is a form of exercise that requires a flat long chair as a medium, in addition you can also use the tool barbell or dumbell. How to perform flat bench press is:

  • Position the body lying on a bench with flat back.
  • With palms facing out, hold a barbell stick.
  • Pile of feet on the ground.
  • Keep your head relaxed.
  • Repeat 3 sets of 10 times.

6. How To Build A Chest Muscle At Home With Cable Crossover

Cable crossover is a common form of exercise in the gym or training center with the aim to form the chest muscles, arm muscles (triceps), back and shoulder muscles. But this exercise you can do also at home with standard equipment of course course for the exercise program that you live guaranteed security.

  • Standing with the body slightly leaning forward and back straight.
  • Take the right foot.
  • Position arm opened while selling crossover handle.
  • Align your elbows with your shoulders.
  • Bend your arms slightly to form an angle.
  • Put the arm in front of the chest
  • The angle of the arm slightly bent
  • The position of the arm is put together in front of the chest alternately or can be done simultaneously.
  • Repeat 20 to 30 times.

After knowing the various forms of exercise that can quickly form the chest muscles, then all you have to do is diligent and patient in menajalankan the exercise program because there is no instant thing in the process of forming the muscles of the chest and other body muscles. The key to successful Bodybuilding is on routine and repetition, therefore endurance and stamina are important

Do not over-impose your physical condition. If you feel you are at your physical limit then stop your exercise and then rest. How to form a chest at home can be successful if you pay attention to regular diet. In addition to consistent exercise you also need to pay attention to your diet and rest, as well as the selection of the right companion supplement. Choosing the right supplement greatly affects the intake of nutrients as the main support of your stamina in running the workout program that you are running. Based on testimonials from professionals in Bodybuilding, D-Bal (Dianabol) from CrazyBulk™ is the best companion supplement for both beginners and professionals.

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